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Planner FREEBIE – Folder For Personal Travelers Notebook

Today a free printable for a travelers notebook folder in personal size… 🙂

hier geht es zum Field Notes Folder (Deutsch)

First the templates

TN Folder Personal aussen                                 TN Folder Personal innen

Printout the templates on A4 paper. The template goes up to the edges of the long sides!!!

Cut out the templates…               ____ means: cut            – – – – means: fold

Trace the outlines and some fold marks on to cardstock…

Cut out the cardstock pieces for your folder. Place the bigger piece facing with the pretty side  to your table and lay the smaller piece facing with the pretty side to you on the upper edge of the bigger piece. Fold the long flaps of the bigger peace upwards over the smaller piece and the smaller flaps sidewards over the smaller piece of cardstock.

Glue down the sidesflaps to the longer flaps first. I made a little cut to the sideflaps where the upper edge of the long flap ends.

Glue down the upper part of the sideflaps to the smaller piece of cardstock.

So you’ll get 4 pockets in total 😎


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